XT660 Forum Mirror

The XT660 forums were unfortunatley closed down by the founder in 2019. Despite attempts by various people to take over the operation and costs of the forum, the founder refused. The forums contained a lot of useful information pertaining to these bikes and thus we took a mirror of the forum as best we could with limited time, and we now we make it available to you here. Various things may be missing, this isn't a perfect mirror, and alas we didn't have time to go back and get the missing data before the forum shuttered. The link below takes you to the mirror, and the one below that lets you download the raw archive of the forums; we should warn you that it expands to about 40GB! We hope you find this in someway useful:


Download raw forum dump here (8GB, expands to 40GB+)

Disclaimer: We do not in any way claim ownership of any of the XT660 forum design, iconography, imagery, or the data contained there-in. This archive exists in order to preserve the important information contained within the forums and make it available to those who need it for the improvement and maintenance of their motorbikes. The forum was downloaded using freely available software from publically accessible sources. We consider it a great shame that the forum was taken offline and that the founder of the forum categorically refused to allow any other party to re-host the forum in it's native format, thus we have taken a similar approach to the internet archive and stored it here. We consider this fair use. We are not attempting in any way to monetise any of the content and we make it available completely free of charge. We do not warrant any of the information contained within the archive and we are not responsible for any content which may be deemed offensive, innacurate, malicious, damaging, or otherwise negative in nature.